Friday, April 2, 2010


Through the open window i used to gaze

Into the depths of my heart's maze

Built my house on the rainbow

For the sun couldn't know

That I walked with the stars

Into the realm of love so far

But twas all a bundle of lie

For the window isn't there...

It used to show me Sunset...

It used to show me rain

It showed to me the most beautiful day

The day I'd only dreamt...

He was at his knees

And she dressed as his pair

They danced under the moonlight

For it was only fair

For two souls akin

To share that summer air...

But twas all a bundle of lies

For the window isn't there!

She counted the rose petals

And he whispered into her ear

He gazed into her brown eyes..and poured his heart out

Her long curved eyelashes waved away his fears and doubts

They lay on the grass for hours together

Heaving and Sighing of Love and Pleasure

She saw love in his eyes

But twas a devious lie

For it was just a blank stare....

Because twas all a bundle of lies

Cause the window.....

..That window was never there!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The distance seemed a lot more now

Still stuck in the old timezone
Walking slowly...ahead of the memories past

Clinging on...they left me aghast

For its hard to believe..but its all true

I'm living my life...Living it anew!

From the rear view mirror...saw it all disappear

A hazy picture..that can never reappear

A shadow in the sun, a mirage on the road

Its way past behind me...I'm in another mode

Forgotten Forever..till someone says your name

I've forgotten all the reason
I don't recall at all...there's nothing

There's nothing just me

Someone tells me...

..the memories are now..February!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is in fond memory of the movie troy--yep Brad Pitt! d guy amazes me everytime I see the movie! he is defi a greek god...n not only tht he acts sooo well tht i dont think tht ne1 els could play tht part better thn him.d way he fights..d way he talks! damn!.im sure ul agree! ya! I'm totally in love with him!:P n i also love the movie bcoz its a love story...of Achilles n Briseis..which is what Ive written goes...

Hath sent Eudorous home
For he had his own battle to fight
Priam had taken Breseis
And he couldn't leave his love behind

They burnt down troy for greed and pain
But now there stood a changed man
Whose sacrifices all had gone in vain
For the coward Paris struck him in the heel
And the mighty Achilles dropped his sword

"You gave me peace in a lifetime of war"
He said to his beloved and kissed her farewell
Love made the great Achilles fall
Who said it was his heel?
Twas his beating heart...the fall

The fall of all men is same
He was no different, even with that name
For the same heart beats a thousand times
But with love in makes you blind

Blind to the evil, to the sins of the world
Blind to that lonely brute who unfurled
Ironic it may be
For love was the reason for the war...
..And love itself was the outcome of war!

When comes such another Achilles
With love in his heart
And revenge on his sword
For the world needs a leader and another story to be told!

Monday, May 11, 2009


You are with me, and so you say...


You are there...

Between the pages of my books,

In between my files,

At the back of my mind,

In front of my eyes,

During the boring lectures,

During the fun breaks,

During the sad nights,

During the euphoric times...

Inside my cellphone,

In my PC

Your there everywhere,

Even in the big corner of my heart,

In the tears that follow,

In the smiles that lead..

In the midst of sorrow,

In the wound that bleeds,

You wake me in the morning..

You kiss me goodnight,

You close my eyes to surprise me,

You hate to despise me,

You love the cloud to the sky

You love my every gesture

You love my every cry

You are there to protect me,

You are there to revive...

That old flame of happiness,

That old flame of love,

Which made us forget all barriers

Which took us far above

of the trance like, stagnant world we live in

To the haven of love and peace

For you are there with me forever...

.......Forever...until we fade....

But is this a figment of my imagination

Or is it the stark truth?

For you are there.......there...where I can never stay

You are far a distance...

Breaking the ties we made

You are there....where i cant see you,

For even your shadow has began to fade

But I still lie...amidst the memories....numb...waiting for you to recover

For i have taken the remains of those sunny days and bright blue skies...

Which made us fall in love....

Saturday, January 17, 2009


It gives us life and the serene blissfulness

Of a new day

It gives us peace and with it beauty lies

In its calm and psychedelic trance.

The mild wind plays with it,

Gives it, its ferocious form

The wind makes it move to its own tune

Swaying to its increasing momentum.

The branches bow low in honor

Of the majestic stance they feel

Overwhelmed by the power of giving

For it gives us all it has and takes away our fears...

Washes away our sins

And leaves us pure..

Like the gold in the hands of an alchemist!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Day!

Happy Children's Day is what they all wish you...with a huge smile and all that jazz....and the very next moment you are reminded (with a huge growl) "you are not a child anymore...grow up!! i don't understand when you will leave behind all these juvenile habits of yours !" (yea....heard it too many times havnt u? girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, teachers, all of them use this very same line....i mean....Get original people!!! Shakespeare dada is cursing you from his grave!)
some children's day it is!!...we r not even allowed to act like kids on that day....forget the rest of the year!:x :(
everytime we wana hav fun or freak out we have to think ten times before takin a teeny step...(oh wats he gonna think....wats she gonna think....n if yo not d "wat she...wat he"type there has to be spoil sport friend with you...who either wont let you do anything....or wont be your partner in crime! And if not that then its the parents...who come in and start playin their all time fav responsibility-responsibility game...
I mean how difficult is it to just loose control...forget bout all your worries for a while....have some fun..(n give two hoots bout what others are gonna think yaar)...its not necessary to go bonkers over what those "others" are gonna think....for all you know they are not even looking at you...i mean...they have stuff to do you know...they r all busy in their own sweet world.....they arnt there jus to gape at you!....And even if they are....don't tell me your not enjoyin the attention!:P (like i would love to wear superman's costume and jump from one table to another in some coffee day:P with a pal dressed up as batman of course! ony thing is they might ban us from ther:( sheesh! talk about Freedom of expression!)
Anyway getting back to my point....all of us already hav sooo many worries,deadlines,jobs, more worries...bosses, teachers, student, siblings boyfriends ;) (dat reminds me...some more worries :P)....and to top it all we do have mothers :D...(lol no offence...but u know what i mean....when it pours!! all d "you still havnt done this...that....that too...omg!how cud u forget this!...u r soo dead...n it goes oooonn) and amidst this fast and furious life of ours we forget how precious our one little moment is...and how we leave out every moment unsavoured worrying about the next one...sad i know...but that is exactly what we morons do!
no honey...ur not any different....we ALL make this idiotic mistake all the time....
so....finally comin back to my point...let dat cute lill kid (ok fine! dat sadistic lill brat) inside you come out and have a gonna get belted anyway! why not have some fun while its pouring? ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008


One minute on top of the world

Another downtrodden and scarred

One minute loved and caressed

Another hated and destroyed

In this topsy turvy world

of love, none can survive !

It kills you slowly and steadily

Like the grip of an enormous serpent

It takes your breath away for a bit

And then your decision you repent!

Its as tempting as Eve's apple

Which Satan had to her given

And once you've sunk your teeth in it

You'll never be forgiven !

Tis but a curse that will haunt you forever

And tease you with tempting sights

But when you try to reach out to it

It jumps upfront and bites!

Good lord! what hath I done to thee?

What norm changed, what woman scorned?

Why did i fall into this trap reformed

I cannot live....I cannot die..

I only count my days to cry

How I've learnt my lesson

For looks hath been deceptive

A sweet li'll fairytale

Turned into a disaster! :(