Friday, April 2, 2010


Through the open window i used to gaze

Into the depths of my heart's maze

Built my house on the rainbow

For the sun couldn't know

That I walked with the stars

Into the realm of love so far

But twas all a bundle of lie

For the window isn't there...

It used to show me Sunset...

It used to show me rain

It showed to me the most beautiful day

The day I'd only dreamt...

He was at his knees

And she dressed as his pair

They danced under the moonlight

For it was only fair

For two souls akin

To share that summer air...

But twas all a bundle of lies

For the window isn't there!

She counted the rose petals

And he whispered into her ear

He gazed into her brown eyes..and poured his heart out

Her long curved eyelashes waved away his fears and doubts

They lay on the grass for hours together

Heaving and Sighing of Love and Pleasure

She saw love in his eyes

But twas a devious lie

For it was just a blank stare....

Because twas all a bundle of lies

Cause the window.....

..That window was never there!!

1 comment:

Quaintzy Patchez said...

I loved ittttt

The window was never there! :o

amazing :O